Whom we advise.

We support companies and individuals from the areas of education and science, technology and artificial intelligence, health, logistics, life sciences, digital banking, and insurance. From start-ups to SMEs up to international organizations, networks and communities, from entrepreneurs, visionaries, executives such as CEOs, up to members of boards of directors: we advise based on your individual needs.

Our services.

We analyze critically and profoundly to understand your specific market and stakeholder enviroment. We develop the communication strategy for a sustainable positioning of your company and create a communication concept. Thereafter we plan and implement the communication activities over an agreed upon period of time.

Corporate communication
Networks & relationships
Reputation management
Leadership communication
Crisis communication
Media relations and publicity
Partner network

Your benefits.

Positive reputation and a good image reinforce trust in you as a leader and in your company.
We are your sparring partner, who offers you a view from the outside and an honest opinion. You can focus on your core activities and thus save time.
Our strategic communication offers you public awareness and visibility in Switzerland and abroad. By using language appropriate for your target group, we reduce challenges at the interface of business, technology and communication by mediating and communicating between the units.
You sustain relationships to your stakeholders, to media in Switzerland and abroad, to institutions, as well as to investors.
We know the Swiss market, its dynamics, and its media environment and its participants, its political processes, and its regulations. With our experience, we support you in developing your Swiss location.
You feel safe in case of a crisis. You have a trustworthy partner at your side who guides you through challenging situations with a clear view and does everything in his power to maintain your reputation.
You are the authentic leader and have motivated, engaged, and happy employees who are necessary for your success. You also extend your business network through new connections to persons and institutions relevant to you.
We offer a unique partner network, with experts from diverse areas such as politics, business, science, media, public affairs, advertising, data visualization, software development and others.

Frequently asked questions.

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