Whom we advise.

From startups to SMEs to international organizations, networks and communities: we accompany and advise leaders, CEOs and board members with a positive impact on society and the environment who tangibly live sustainability, diversity and equality, according to their individual needs.

Accordingly, the prerequisites are a far-sighted focus and meaningful action, a contribution to pressing social issues, and a self-image according to which equal opportunities, diversity and sustainability are not placard statements but part of the corporate strategy and culture.

Our services.

We analyze critically and profoundly to understand your market and stakeholder environment. We develop approaches, ideas and procedures and advise you in the following areas of communication.

Leadership Communication
Corporate Communication
Reputation management
Networking and relationship management
Public relations
Female empowerment
Implementation and partner network

Your benefits.

We are your sparring partner, who offers you an outside view and an honest opinion. You can focus on your core business and thus save time.
Our strategic communications consulting aims for the public awareness and visibility of a positive reputation. You maintain sustainable relationships with your stakeholders, with the domestic and foreign media, with institutions and with investors.
We know Switzerland as a business location and its media landscape with its players, political processes, and regulations very well. With this know-how, we support you in establishing your Swiss location and positioning yourself in the Swiss market.
Positive reputation and a good image strengthen trust in you and your company.
You are an authentic leader and have motivated, committed and happy employees, which are necessary for success. In addition, you expand your business network with connections to people and companies that are relevant to you.
We offer a high-level partner network that includes experts from various fields such as politics, business, science, media, public affairs, advertising, data visualization, software development and many more.

Frequently asked questions.

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