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We are a strategic consulting firm for corporate, organizational and leadership communications with an exceptional feeling for relevant issues and people. We analyze deliberately and question critically. Based on our findings, we advise with an entrepreneurial spirit and develop targeted strategies with impact.

Aileen Zumstein

Owner and Managing Director, your expert for communication & strategy

Aileen Zumstein is the founder and managing director of aizu communication, your company for strategic communication.

Since founding the company in 2012, the communications strategist has been advising companies, NGOs, start-ups, executives and entrepreneurs on corporate, change, crisis and leadership communications as well as positioning and reputation management. As a committed entrepreneur, she also contributes her experience and expertise to advisory boards and as a sparring partner, as well as in the form of mentoring.

The clients include organizations and companies with a positive impact on society and the environment that live sustainability, diversity and equality in a tangible way.

Aileen Zumstein is a born doer. Her great passion for immersing herself in various topics, tracking down trends and doing development work led her to expand her entrepreneurial portfolio years ago. Today, she is co-founder and co-owner of other Swiss (start-up) companies. Her drive is to build bridges and develop solutions that contribute to a more sustainable and "beautiful" world. This always requires authentic communication and open dialog.

Thanks to her roots, the communications and strategy expert has an excellent network not only in Switzerland but also around the globe.

Aileen Zumstein is a successful joint venture that combines Asian discipline and diligence with Swiss precision and reliability.

She studied communication science, economics and labor law at the Universities of Basel and Zurich and graduated with a Master of Arts. She speaks German, English, French, Italian and has a basic knowledge of Greek.

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