Who we are.

We are a strategic consulting company that focuses on corporate and leadership communication. We have a flair for relevant topics and people, like to analyze deliberately and question critically. Based on our findings, we provide consulting services with an entrepreneurial spirit, develop strategies, and implement targeted and effective communication strategies.

Aileen Zumstein

Founder & CEO

Communication connects. As a communications consultant, I create connections between people and support them in interactions with their stakeholders and network. To do this, I connect the unit's business, technology, and communications and make sure everyone speaks the same language. That is my engagement and my great passion.

Aileen Zumstein is the founder of aizu communication. The entrepreneur worked previously in journalism and corporate communication, and has been moderating conferences and panels for more than twenty years. Thanks to her roots, the communication expert not only has an excellent network in Switzerland, but around the globe. Aileen Zumstein is a successful joint venture herself, combining Asian discipline and industry with Swiss precision and dependability. Evolving by furthering her lifelong learning, diving deeply into topics, ferreting out trends, and supporting with start-up ideas: these characteristics are not just obvious for Aileen Zumstein, but her great passions. Aileen Zumstein studied journalism, economics, and labor law at the Universities of Basel and Zurich, graduating with a Master of Arts. She is an entrepreneur, board member, advisory board member, author of factual articles, experienced moderator, and is engaged as co-founder of WE SHAPE TECH Basel for diversity in the area of technology and innovation. In addition to her native languages of German and English, she speaks two other foreign languages.

Marla Eva Moser

Senior Consultant & Management of the Bern Office

We achieve great things when we leave our comfort zone. We learn and develop further outside of our habitual haunts. And in doing this, we support our clients and grow together with them.

Marla Eva Moser is a communication consultant at aizu communication and manages client projects. Before joining aizu, she worked in business and health communication. Marla follows trends and innovations in the area of technology enthusiastically, and incorporates these into her daily work. She quickly develops relationships with enterprises, journalists, and management thanks to her broad general knowledge and her her network skills. Marla Eva Moser studied Spanish language and literature as well as business administration at the University of Bern, graduating with a Master of Arts. She speaks four languages fluently. Marla Eva Moser is board member of the Berner PR-Gesellschaft BPRG.

Florin Zai

Content & Projects

Mutual commitment is the basis for sustainable relationships and creates trust - the basis for authentic stories. We tell these stories and thus create communication that is effective and emotional.

Florin Zai incorporates his broad knowledge in communication and marketing and his enthusiasm for media, journalism, and content at aizu communication. He supports the team in various projects with his organizational talent and is responsible for content creation, relevant stories and storytelling. He is a creative text writer and concept developer who is enthusiastic about relevant and exciting content. As a digital native, social media is a part of his every day life. Florin Zai worked previously as a journalist and at a financial institution. He follows with interest how online portals and platforms work, in particular in the area of media, and analyzes their effect. Florin Zai speaks three foreign languages. He studied communication and media research with a minor in German at the University of Fribourg. He is currently completing his Masters degree in the same areas while working at aizu communication.

Andrina Leu

Project Assistant

The joy of communication, the joy of interacting with people and the joy of generating impact connects us. We carry this joy to the outside world and share it with our customers.

Andrina Leu supports aizu communication in projects and takes over administrative tasks in the team. With creativity and attention to detail she brings in her ideas and deepens her practical knowledge in communications consulting at aizu. She speaks two foreign languages and is currently completing her bachelor's degree in communication sciences and media research with a minor in business administration at the University of Zurich.

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