aizu signals. Claudia Coninx-Kaczynski

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aizu signals. Claudia Coninx-Kaczynski

In "aizu signals.", Claudia Coninx-Kaczynski, member of various boards of directors and foundation boards, talks about challenges and her definition of success. She also shares how she spends the holidays and shares the best piece of advice she has ever received.

How do you define success for yourself?

There is objective success - successful projects, compliments, victories, etc. And then there is the subjective side. It is expressed by a feeling of happiness, which occurs when you like something or do something with pleasure. And that is ultimately the important definition of success for me, namely the perceived happiness with what I am and what I do.

What challenges you and how do you face this challenge?

To do things that are new to me and to meet people that I cannot assess. I face these challenges to mostly find out that they are absolutely surmountable.

If you could - what advice would you give to your younger self?

Learn to listen to your gut feeling. But also in this case, learning means that you have to develop and cherish the ability that exists in every human being.

In your opinion, what should we pay most attention to as a society at the moment?

The solidarity between the different stakeholders of a society. This includes fair rules and the willingness of all individuals to make compromises and, from time to time, to cope with defeats.

Who or what motivates you?

My family, the joy of life and of what I do as well as my own curious character.

What is on your bucket list?

Oh, a lot of things. For example, trips to countries we have never visited before, seeing our children grow up, looking after our grandchildren, driving a tank, and so on.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Don't wait for the right moment in life. When you get a chance, take it and look forward to the new challenge.

How do you spend the holidays?

Traditionally among the closer and broader family in Zurich and then in the mountains for skiing (not in the sauna area, see question below.)

Sleep late or get up early?

I rarely get this choice. Meanwhile, I even believe that I am no longer able to sleep in. But I would like to be able to.

Ski slope or sauna area?

Clearly, distinctly and without thinking twice. Ski slope.

Cooking at home or eating out?

Both. But since my husband and I both like cooking, we prefer cooking at home.

Give or receive gifts?

Give of course! If you promise me that it will remain between us... also receive incredibly gladly.

Online news or print newspaper?

Everything at its time and tailored to the respective content. Online, for example for breaking news through the day. Print on the other hand for reading for pleasure at the breakfast table.

Claudia Coninx-Kaczynski is a member of the Board of Directors of Forbo Holding AG and Swisscontent AG. She is also Vice-Chairwoman of Orpheum, a foundation for the promotion of young musicians, a board member of Swisscontact and the Zurich Zoo Foundation and a member of the Zurich Committee of Human Rights Watch. For three years she was a member of the Board of Directors of tamedia AG and subsequently took over the presidency of the pool of family shareholders.

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