aizu signals. Regula Pfister

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aizu signals. Regula Pfister

Dr. Regula Pfister has achieved great results in the fields of economics, politics and science – among others at the Zürcher Frauenverein (ZFV). The ZFV companies are among the largest hotel and catering enterprises in Switzerland. During 17 years as CEO and 18 years as President of the Board of Directors, Regula Pfister had a significant influence on the ZFV. The figures speak for themselves: In 1995, sales were still below 50 million Swiss francs and the ZFV employed around 400 people, in 2018, sales were around 300 million and around 3000 people were employed.

In "aizu signals." – Regula Pfister reveals, among other things, what she will do after the time at the ZFV, talks about failure and tells her personal recipe for happiness. She also faces our "Rapid Fire Questions": airplane or ship? Summer or winter? Right or left?

You recently completed your time as President of the ZFV Board of Directors. What's next?

Clean up and thank everybody for the many farewell gifts of material and ideal nature. But the two remaining mandates on the Board of Directors of FELA Management AG and AnaPico AG both have some catching up to do, because I have neglected them somewhat in recent weeks. And then, in mid-July, the train journey from Moscow to Beijing with various stopovers follows. Afterwards, I am ready for the realignment of my life!

If you could or had to choose a completely different profession again, what would it be and why?

I would study theology and be a pastor in a parish. This profession covers the whole spectrum of life from birth to death, from joy and sorrow, ups and downs, but also reaches into the spiritual.

When was the last time you did something for the first time? What was it?

When I hung up the pictures in my office, which I gave to myself as a present for my 70th birthday. Up to now I have always been avoiding handicraft and imagined that I could not do it. Now I am learning it! It is a question of will and not of ability.

Without which technology or app can you not live and why?

Technology makes many things easier, but at my age it can also cause stress. I intend to spend one week without my mobile phone or any internet connection.

In your opinion, what is the most overrated trend at the moment?

The pessimism about the downfall of our planet and the associated "index finger morality", which reaches right to our own front door.

Have you failed recently? If so, why and what did you learn?

Fortunately, I have not failed on a large scale, but on a small scale, when it comes to meeting my own standards, I am constantly failing. My lesson from it: Stay focused and don't scale down your demands.

What is your idea of success?

When I solve a problem - a big or a small one.

What is your personal recipe for happiness?

To be curious, to always dare something new and to overcome inner and outer resistances. When I have achieved something, it triggers a moment of happiness that soon fizzles out again. Therefore I will - within the bounds of my possibilities - remain active until death.

TV or radio?


Right or left?

Straight forward.

Morning or evening?


summer or winter?


Airplane or ship?

Ship, if I have the necessary time.

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