aizu signals. Urs Eng

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aizu signals. Urs Eng

In "aizu signals." Accarda CEO Urs Eng explains what moves and drives him. He reveals what inspires him, why he is fascinated by new technologies and why he does not need digital detox. And what actually does the CEO of one of the leading Swiss companies for card solutions prefer? Credit or debit card?

In your opinion, what is the most important technological development at the moment and why?

The combination of high computing power in mass products (smartphones), high throughput networking (broadband networks with high coverage) and cheap Internet access devices (IoT) will create entirely new applications and ecosystems in the near future, that will change our curret habits. If we then add the fast development of artificial intelligence, there will be major changes in many areas. The most fascinating aspect is, that things will emerge, that we cannot even imagine today. Who would have thought, a little more than 10 years ago, what changes the iPhone would bring?

What technological developments are you critical of, and why?

Face recognition and other biometric recognition technologies will simplify many processes and make them more secure. But as a result, our behavior will become more and more recorded and monitored.

What do you think of Digital Detox - the temporary complete absence of technology? Would that be something for you - why (not)?

I have never felt "digitally poisoned" before, which is why I have never considered a phase of complete renunciation. But for many others, this can certainly be a meaningful experience.

What do you want to, or should you do more often, and why?

I basically do what is important to me and don't procrastinate much. I would like to play golf more often, but other things are currently more important. Golf is a lifelong challenge, combines many qualities that are also important in professional life, and can promote health.

Who inspires you?

Not anyone specific. But many people who have qualities, that I would like to have, or have done something, that I would also like to do.

What annoys you? What makes you angry?

I cannot remember the last time I was angry. I get most likely annoyed by people pretending to have simple solutions for complex problems.

When was the last time you had a good laugh?

Together with longtime friends, remembering embarrassing moments in our youth.

What was your summer highlight this year?

The traditional August 1st evening at our home with family and friends.

Netflix or Spotify?


Beach or mountains?


Credit or debit card?

Credit Card.

Shopping spree or online shopping?

Shopping spree.

Beer or wine?


Urs Eng has been CEO of Accarda AG since September 2005, where he previously operated as COO. Accarda specializes in cashless payment solutions and is one of the leading Swiss providers of customer cards with payment functions. Moreover, in 2019 Accarda will be hosting the Swiss Billing and Card Forum for the 18th time. On the forum, specialists discuss industry-relevant topics such as "Digital Platforms" or "Future Retail". René Fischer is Urs Eng’s successor.

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