aizu signals. with Ray Arpagaus

Publiziert am 16.05.2019 | Übersetzung verfügbar in: Englisch

People who make a difference inspire us. That's why we're continuing our video format with the new look. The former AZC dialogue is now called "aizu signals".
Sending and receiving signals is essential for successful communication. This also includes getting in touch with people from different industries and exchanging ideas with them. In "aizu signals." we give the word to doers. They share their stories about their companies, about themselves and inspire with their entrepreneurial spirit.

Ray Arpagaus is the founder and owner of Dr. Dog. What started as a hot dog stand is now an established catering business. Ray and his team provide unique hot dog creations to participants of events all over Switzerland. He has thus had a major influence on the hot dog culture in Switzerland. You don't just get a floppy sausage between two halves of bread at Dr. Dog. Due to his success, Ray is more and more often to be found in the office than behind the grill. Nevertheless, he hasn't lost the excitement about hot dogs and his company. This is also the key to success for the entrepreneur: passion and perseverance. For him one thing was clear right from the start: "We stay and go for it.

Video in German

All questions in the video:

00:36: Why did you decide to bring the hot dog culture to Switzerland?

00:54: How do you stand out from other food companies?

01:46: Do you still eat hot dogs or other fast food yourself?

02:33: What role do new technologies play in a traditional company?

03:23: From the hot dog stand to the catering business: What do you take with you from the different stages?

04:19: What is your wish for Dr. Dog's future?

04:55: What do you advise other entrepreneurs who want to establish their own business?

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