Talk with CEO Janine Händel

Publiziert am 29.05.2020 | Übersetzung verfügbar in: Englisch

Janine Händel, CEO of the Roger Federer Foundation, talks to aizu founder Aileen Zumstein at F15' | by Forbes DACH about her personal commitment and current goals and reveals what a foundation needs, so that «doing good» is done well.

Once she was the first employee, now she has been with the foundation for 10 years: Janine Händel, today's managing director of the Roger Federer Foundation, already had the desire to become socially active and involve herself in humanitarian work as a child. She followed this vocation. Händel describes herself as a very curious person who wants to make a difference. The committed former diplomat stresses that her work is about much more than «doing a little bit of charity«. Because «doing good« is fine, but also doing it well is what matters in the long run. Like every company, the Roger Feder Foundation has performance goals – in this case, their performance is measured by the social impact they generate. Händel explains the role KPIs, monitoring and evaluation play in her work, but also the importance of scaling in cooperation with various stakeholders, and the concrete goals she has set herself for the coming years in a talk with Aileen Zumstein on the new digital channel F15' |.

All questions in the video:

2:05 Tell us a little about yourself.

3:21 How did you come to the foundation?

5:02 How serious is Roger Federer about philanthropy?

7:55 You once said that a new strategy also means «getting rid off dead weight«. How did you approach the new strategy that you are currently implementing?

12:11 Where does the money you work with come from?

15:19 What are your ambitions for this year?

The interview itself is held in German.

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