The way to aizu: Interview with Aileen Zumstein

Published on 11.04.2019 | Translations available in: German

The way to aizu: Interview with Aileen Zumstein

The new look of our brand is an important step for all of us. But it is especially dear to the founder and CEO Aileen Zumstein. She talks about the new name, where the initial idea for a new look came from and about the next big steps.

Aileen, the new website is live. How do you feel about it?

It is a great feeling – a long project comes to an end, a new milestone is reached, a new era begins. I am very happy.

What was the trigger for repositioning your company?

Today we create Impact as a team. We advise, support and accompany our clients in internal and external communications, in positioning, in crisis communications and we connect them with relevant people and ecosystems. I have committed, smart, highly motivated people at my side who go the extra mile and create impact. The former company name was too long and gave the impression of a one-woman show. That is over since a long time. That is why I had the urge to change this.

How did you come up with "aizu" ?

I wanted a short name. Short and clear. A good friend inspired me. aizu explains a lot: we got back to the origin, let history speak. these are my initials and more importantly: in Japanese aizu means "signal", exactly what we achieve with our advisory in strategic communications. I love Japan, I was born there.

The new appearance highlights the principle that image and reputation matter. Why did you choose this headline?

We asked ourselves: What do we stand up for, what drives us, what matters to us? Honestly, who wants a service from a company with a bad image? Who buys a product with a bad reputation? Who trusts a CEO or board member who does not have a good name? Image and reputation matter.

How did you experience the rebranding? What were the opportunities, challenges and learnings?

It was a great process. The decision to change the name was made very quickly. The rebranding allowed me to work very closely with the team and we could give free rein to our creativity. I love that. We also took a very analytical and strategic approach, including qualitative discussions with existing and former customers and partners. These were great opportunities the rebranding offered.

At the same time, it is intense. Who has time for that? In addition to many great projects you are committed to, it was not always that easy to work on our own positioning in parallel. I enjoyed trusting the process, being open to new ideas, also to work in a team according to the co-creation approach, to give up responsibility and to just do things. A website is an ongoing project and we continue to work on it.

What advice would you give to other companies and colleagues who want to reposition themselves?

There is never the right time for rebranding. Just do it. You should ask yourself: What do I stand for? What is my dream? What does my company stand for? And what is it that I really love to do? Even if you change, the core purpose of a company remains the same. It should be identified. It is also valuable and important to integrate the external perception of customers, partners, friends and competitors into the process. You can invest a lot of time and space in the entire process, because it does not happen overnight. Good partners are enormously important. We have chosen Codegestalt (Link) as our partner in programming, web design and implementation. They also went the extra mile for us and I am infinitely grateful for that. I can highly recommend the cooperation.

What comes after the rebranding? What is your next big step?

In the short term, we use crisis communication to protect a customer's image and reputation. We also participate in many AI initiatives. In aizu there is also an a and an I as AI, an area in which there is a lot going on in various areas and sectors and in which we have been involved

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