aizu signals. with Stefan Schuppli

Published on 17.10.2019 | Translations available in: German

In "aizu signals." we introduce Stefan Schuppli, co-founder of the new knowledge platform spicker.ch. The platform is intended to give young authors the tools they need to write scientific papers. Help, contacts and archive: Spicker unites everything in one place. Why? Stefan Schuppli noticed: Many theses disappear in drawers and are no longer read. This gave him the idea of providing a platform for this valuable knowledge. But from the idea to its implementation, some obstacles had to be overcome. In aizu. signals - the interview with doers - the entrepreneuer gives the advice not to be discouraged even after falling and to continue.

Video in German

All questions in the video:

00:45: What is Spicker?

02:37: How did you get the idea to found Spicker?

04:36: What is the innovative thing about Spicker?

05:25: What is the advantage over other platforms and search engines?

06:28: What do you advise other entrepreneurs who want to implement their idea?

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