aizu signals. with Valérie Vuillerat

Published on 19.12.2019 | Translations available in: German

Valérie Vuillerat is co-founder of Witty Works. With her company, she commits to creating more diversity in tech. In "aizu signals." she tells us what it takes to start a company and explains why women are still underrepresented in Swiss tech companies. Her mission is to change that - for example with job advertisements optimized for diversity by Witty Works. Valérie knows: In order to increase the proportion of women in companies, a major rethink is needed, because one woman alone is not enough. Therefore, she welcomes the idea of speeding up the process with a gender quota. Because: At the moment the "pain" is still too low for companies to voluntarily find a gender balance.

Witty Works has been successfully bringing more women into the tech industry since 2018. This shows: Companies have a need for more diversity - especially because various teams have proven to work more efficient.

The entrepreneur knows that founding a company results in some highs and lows. But for Valérie one thing was always clear: "In the end, it's going to work out anyway". She wants to pass on this self-confidence to other entrepreneurs who want to implement a business idea.

All questions in the video:

00:38: What have you achieved since you have founded Witty Works?

01:16: What are the biggest challenges you are facing?

02:17: Why do we still have inequality in Switzerland?

03:25: What can companies do to become more attractive to women in tech?

05:29: What advice would you give to other doers who want to implement a business idea?

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