AZC Dialogue with Donat Berger

Published on 10.07.2017 | Translations available in: German

As a young boy, Donat Berger was fascinated by the dessert buffet at the family Christmas party - today he is the one who, with the display in his shop "Apfelgold" in Bern's Länggass quarter, ensures that the eyes of those who have a sweet tooth, regardless of their age, shine brightly.

Video in German

AZC Dialogue With Donat Bergerv.l.t.r.: Marla Eva Moser, Donat Berger, Aileen Zumstein.

In the AZC Dialogue, entrepreneurs, hidden champions and start-up founders talk about their passions and challenges. Donat Berger, founder of Schnouse GmbH, tells us in the current edition of the AZC Dialogue what makes his shop "Apfelgold" so special and why crowdfunding for innovative companies is far more than just a financing instrument.

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