AZC Dialogue with Friederike von Waldenfels

Published on 14.11.2018 | Translations available in: German

AZC Dialogue in German: Friederike von Waldenfels is founder and CEO of SwissCommerce. With her company she manages various specialist shops such as reitsport.ch and fischen.ch. The entrepreneur wants to share her passion for combining her hobby and profession with others. Therefore she gets enthusiastic experts on her platform.

In the AZC Dialogue she explains how she works as efficiently and goal-oriented as possible. Friederike also talks about the challenges in her profession and explains how she is preparing herself to face Amazon, Alibaba and other web giants. Because they are also gaining more and more strength in the Swiss market.

Watch the AZC Dialogue and get to know Friederike von Waldenfels. 

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