AZC Dialogue with Larissa Hämisegger

Published on 20.11.2017 | Translations available in: German

The classroom is no longer the only place to learn new languages. But are online classes and apps really a solution? And what is the best way to learn Swiss dialect? Practice-oriented lessons for everyday life; for conversations at the coffee machine or for shopping in the bakery, but also for professional life - that's Unumondo.

Video in German

Larissa und AileenUnumondo founder Larissa Hämisegger with Aileen Zumstein.

Unumondo brings people with a thirst for learning together with local coaches to learn Swiss German and German. The idea came from Larissa Hämisegger. With her young company, the Basel-based businesswoman took the plunge into entrepreneurship. In the AZC Dialogue, the young entrepreneur explains how she feels about it and what makes Unumondo so special.

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