AZC Dialogue with Silvan Leibacher

Published on 21.12.2017 | Translations available in: German

Leibacher Biber Manufaktur is in high season during the pre-Christmas period. Traditional with honey, vegan, or even white Biber - there is something for every preference. Recently moved to the old post office in Illnau, the SME of the two brothers Silvan and Claudio Leibacher produces continuously and "made to order". Produced with regional ingredients and according to old tradition with hand-carved models, this sweet treat is now available in 70 specialty shops in Switzerland. Silvan Leibacher tells us in the AZC Dialogue what defines good communication for him; why his Biber are so special that they can also keep up with current trends such as cupcakes and similar products and what challenges his brother and him have to face as entrepreneurs.

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