Be Your Own Rockstar – In Forbes DACH

Published on 04.05.2020 | Translations available in: German

Be Your Own Rockstar – In Forbes DACH

The current situation is causing a standstill in the world. But life goes on - we can, may and must develop further. More visibility, now more than ever. A guest commentary by Aileen Zumstein, Contributor Forbes.

Our everyday life is no longer as it was a few weeks ago. From one day to the other, the range of movement of many people has been reduced by hundreds of meters and kilometers.

The world stands still for many. Entrepreneurs, employees, parents, singles, couples, families – all are challenged in some way or another, some more, some less.

A crisis brings not only disaster and horror, but also good - depending on the perspective one can and wants to take. It is the time when we can ask ourselves What is really important to me? What do I want, what do I no longer want, what is the next step in my career and how do I get there?

I know committed people with a lot of professional experience in the travel and airline industries who are currently not working because their company has announced short-time work and is making redundancies due to the crisis. Another example are friends who have launched a social project because of the coronavirus and in this way discovered entrepreneurship. We can, may and must develop further. Now more than ever.

Positioning and visibility are key

Visibility and exposure - "Do they know you?" - determine, as studies show, 90% of whether someone makes progress in their career. This leads to the conclusion that all the brilliant, hard work doesn't mean anything for your career - unless you know the right people and are known for what you do.

"A plan is nothing - planning is everything" (Dwight Eisenhower):

  • Where do I want to go, what are my goals?

  • What do I stand for? Do I have clear opinions and views?

  • What are my strengths, my weaknesses?

  • What type am I? Loud, expressive, calm, introverted?

  • Which topic do I want to occupy and be associated with?

Audience, stage and instruments.

Who am I addressing? In which area does visibility help me to get ahead? This can be internal or external: the supervisor, the board of directors, your own employees, communities, expert groups or journalists.

Instead of drums or guitar, we use our personal instruments: our personality, our know-how, our expertise, our voice, facial expressions, gestures, oral or written expressions. Often we are not even aware of our strengths. We just have to become aware of them.

And then it's off to the stage: social media platforms, salary negotiations, discussions with superiors or the team members, panel discussions, online platforms, blogs, newspapers and more.

Not every person is made for spotlight, stage presence and full attention. Often there is a lack of courage and self-confidence or doubts arise.

But those who dare nothing win nothing. This applies to many things in life and career, in entrepreneurship anyway. And yes, even rock stars are not everybody's darling. Those who present themselves can also catch criticism. But differences of opinion often lead to valuable discussions.

Authenticity at all times

Positioning yourself requires action. It should be an inspiration to yourself before you inspire others. It is a process that does not happen overnight.

But presence, your own message and visibility take you further. In this sense, be your own rock star, stand on your stage, sing your song with your instrument and turn the audience into your fans. Be an inspiration for yourself and for others.

The great thing about rock and roll is that someone like me can be a star – Elton John.

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