The dark side of entrepreneurship - a podcast episode

Published on 11.09.2023 | Translations available in: German

The dark side of entrepreneurship - a podcast episode

Five founders and entrepreneurs talk about the downside of being an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is not a walk in the park; it's a hard, bumpy and risky road. One can read a lot about the successes and exits, the million-dollar fundings and unicorns. But what happens when the money runs out and as a consequence you can't sleep through the night? What happens when you have to part with your business partner? An entrepreneur knows the moments of loneliness, doubts and fears. Five entrepreneurs in conversation.

Aileen Zumstein (founder of aizu communication, co-founder and president of the board of v-oice.agency) and entrepreneurs Ronald Zemp (founder notime and RZ Capital), Jeremias Meier (founder of Bexio, partner of Session.vc), Carlo Baldini (founder and CEO of Pabio) and Flavio Pfaffhauser (founder and CIO of Beekeeper) talk about the darker and less beautiful sides. All of them are member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO). The panel took place as part of Startup Days 2023 in Berne and here you can listen to the discussion in English in the episode of Swisspreneur.

Some impressions of the talk during Startup Days 2023 in Berne:

EO Zürich Members during the discussion

Aileen Zumstein

Aileen and Jeremias

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