Press conference - still relevant?

Published on 21.11.2018 | Translations available in: German

Press conference - still relevant?

Digitalization is accelerating change in the media landscape - are well-tried formats such as a press conference still relevant under these conditions? As strategic communications consultants, we say: Yes. Despite new digital possibilities, classic press conferences will continue to be an effective communication channel for companies and organisations in 2018 and for the time being.

Time is a precious good – as a company you will also experience this time and time again when dealing with media professionals. Editorial offices are often understaffed and deadline pressure is high. Accordingly, the time left for media events, such as press conferences, is also very scarce. How does one manage to generate interest under these circumstances and attract a mix of media representatives from different publishing houses to your own press conference?

Generating impact in the royal discipline

The press conference is regarded as the royal discipline of media events. It can still generate an impact –  even in the media landscape changed by the digital age. However, we recommend observing a few principles to ensure that your press conference is a success and that your commitment and communication with journalists bears fruit.

  • You have something relevant to communicate and can offer the media a so-called «hanger» that makes the story interesting for the audience.
  • You would like to take up a complex topic and use the press conference as a platform to shed light on the facts from different perspectives. 
  • You offer media professionals the opportunity to exchange ideas with specialists and important personalities directly on site. Particularly, radio and TV formats are given the possibility of producing original o-tone and footage. 

These three points make a media event attractive and increase the chance that the editorial offices will put the event in their calendar. 

Maintaining relationships

Don't be disappointed if media representatives cancel their participation due to lack of time – see the opportunities. Offer sending the complete documents and use the occasion to arrange an appointment for a personal exchange and to maintain contact.

A key success factor in media relations are valuable media contacts, which you ideally have cultivated and built up over time. This is where relationships must be maintained, continuously. This means that even in times when the company communicates less actively, there is an active exchange with media representatives. Longstanding media contacts pay off.

A diverse approach to communication

As strategic communication consultants, we believe in the impact of personal, face-to-face communication. In times of digitalization and its possibilities – from live chats to video conferences – temptation is great to make intensive use of the new forms of communication. Sustainable communication that works takes place in a variety of ways and channels. For us, this is the reason why, from the perspective of strategic communications consulting, we as well believe in the impact of a classic press conference in 2018 for the time being.

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