Programming stimulates communication

Published on 28.08.2017 | Translations available in: German

Programming stimulates communication

By Aileen Zumstein

It’s been an eternity since learning about computer science in high school. Back in the days, learning HTML was a necessity. Was it fun? I can hardly remember, it's been too long. At that time, I was more interested in history, chemistry and geography - computer science, like physics, was not the highlight of my day. It was a compulsory subject; a must. I had no choice.

Fascination of coding and programming

Today, however, the programming language fascinates me. A language, different from the human language, where one learns vocabulary, studies grammar, conjugates verbs and exchanges words with people. Hello morphology, syntax, phonology and semantics.

The programming language is a formal language for the formulation of data structures and algorithms, explains Wikipedia. This means that instructions are given via the programming language of a machine, using simple text editors. If the typed in letters and numbers corresponds to a logic, this yields a result – for example, displaying a graphical element, or a command that is executed.

Curiosity and interest

We at Aileen Zumstein Communication have been interested in the startup scene for many years, in which numerous great and innovative solutions have been created. In our work as communication consultants, we support startups and young companies in communication with internal (employees) and external stakeholders (media, customers, partners, distributors and public authorities, etc.).

Being close to new developments is a great pleasure. Our interest in digital topics as well as our tech-affinity are important prerequisites for a successful cooperation. Most business ideas rely on technologies which enable processes to be automated; therefore the products and services are based on algorithms and excellent technical solutions.

Communication projects are IT projects

But IT also plays an important role in large corporations and enterprises. Whether it is the planning or design of creative campaigns, the implementation of extensive re-branding projects or the launch of new dialogue platforms with stakeholders and the establishment of a community - hardly any measure can be implemented without the support of IT. Requirements and objectives must be defined, measured and tracked; wishes, and concerns of the involved departments respected. Ideally, communication and IT complement each other and work hand in hand as a team.

The times when only large soft- or hardware companies need programmers and developers are over. In order to remain competitive and maintain that hard earned pole position in the market, many SMEs also need digital solutions like an app or an online shop, just to name two examples. Studies have shown that understanding the programming of these applications is one of the most important skills of the workforce and will become even more important in the future.

Bootcamp programming and coding

Programming skills on its own cannot support communication and IT projects. In the end, I am interested in learning the basics of programming languages ​​and coding to thus better understand how the digital world works. I would like to know more about the «back-end» and of course appease my curiosity about technology and digital solutions. I am convinced that technical knowledge can help manage interfaces and bridge the gap between communication and IT.

In our day-to-day work, it helps to simplify the collaboration between teams as well as coordinate polls more efficiently and effectively. And most importantly: we learn; we expand our horizons and are able to use what we have learned in regards to other people and customers.

Learnings and highlights of the Master21Academy will be available on our blog in a couple of days.

About the Master21Academy:

«Shape the digital world» is the vision of the Master21 Academy. Their vision makes it possible to learn digital skills that are relevant in today's world. It is the right choice for anyone who wants to acquire hands-on coding and programming skills. The initiator and founder of Master21 Academy, Melanie Kovacs, believes that in today’s society, digital skills are just as important as speaking English. She talks more about the program in the AZC Dialogue, our vessel and the platform for people who make a difference.

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