SW Talk with CEO Rochester-Bern Executive Programs Petra Joerg

Published on 13.01.2021 | Translations available in: German

As CEO of Rochester-Bern Executive Programs, Petra Joerg is well aware of who is attending what continuing education programs these days - and that the attendants of the programs are not yet diverse. Her appeal to women: Take finance courses because anyone who aspires to a leadership position needs to know the language of business.

Further training is often an important part of the next career step, especially when it comes to management positions. After all, expectations are high nowadays: In addition to technical expertise, qualities like empathy, empowerment or agility are also expected. In Superwoman on F15' by Forbes DACH, Petra Joerg, CEO of Rochester-Bern Executive Programs, explains in an interview with entrepreneur Aileen Zumstein that further education cannot meet all the expectations of the business world. Nevertheless, they make an important contribution: They teach the fundamentals that give graduates self-confidence and send a signal that people want to get ahead.

However, continuing education programs for managers are not yet diversely attended. Especially in the finance subjects and the Executive MBA, men remain in the clear majority. But these subjects are especially important for anyone who wants a leadership position: "Finance is a language you have to speak to get the opportunities you might want."

The interview itself is held in German.

Superwoman is a programme of the digital channel F15' | by Forbes DACH, on which discussions are held every Wednesday and Thursday at 11:00 a.m. with experienced entrepreneurs, managers, experts and with decision-makers who have a serious interest in diversity issues. With their knowledge, commitment and experience they show different views and possibilities on this complex topic.

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