Talk with Host and Influencer Christa Rigozzi

Published on 19.06.2020 | Translations available in: German

Host, influencer, entertainer, advertising ambassador - former beauty queen Christa Rigozzi is working in many different areas. This week, she is a Superwoman guest of aizu founder Aileen Zumstein on F15'| by Forbes DACH. Among other things, Christa talks about her passion for being on stage or in front of a camera and the great role credibility has played in building her brand.

In 2006 she was crowned Miss Switzerland, since then she has been active as a talk show host and influencer, entertainer and advertising ambassador, but also as an entrepreneur and co-owner of a publishing house: Today, Christa Rigozzi is one of Switzerland's most famous personalities. On Superwoman, a programme of the digital channel F15’| by Forbes DACH, she talks with aizu founder Aileen Zumstein about her many and varied fields of activity.

Whether at a talk show or an event, Christa is passionate about being on stage, interacting and communicating - that is her strength: "What I love is people. " When building her brand, credibility and authenticity were essential for Christa. Only brands that suit her and products that she herself stands behind are advertised by her. Exclusivity clauses are not uncommon. Christa advises young women who want to make it in the industry to have a clear goal in mind, but also to complete an education first. "Motivation, willpower and especially an education are very important - because you don't know what will happen." She herself studied media and communication sciences in Fribourg.

All questions in the video:

01:22 You are in Ticino, a canton that was very affected by COVID-19. How are you doing today?

02:33 What do you love the most: managing the business or being on stage or in front of the lens?

03:49 Do you have to acquire customers or is the Christa Rigozzi brand so robust that you can survive the next crisis?

05:59 Are there companies or industries where you reject for ethical or other reasons?

08:04 You work for a lot of brands. How do you keep the balance so that it doesn't get too much?

09:14 If you are ever unsure about something, who belongs to your private or personal circle of advisors?

10:23 Are you afraid that you might be less "in demand" as you age?

12:31 What would be a plan B of you? If you would not do what you do today, what would you do instead?

13:27 What makes you sad or what would you like to change if you could change something?

15:30 Currently you read a lot about assaults or unusual requests, where especially young girls are affected, particularly in the film and model scene. Have you ever experienced something unpleasant?

16:42 There are many young people who want to get off to a good start like you. What advice do you give these young people?

The interview itself is held in German.

Superwoman is a programme of the new digital channel F15' | by ForbesDACH, on which discussions are held every Wednesday and Thursday at 11:00 a.m. with experienced entrepreneurs, managers, experts and with decision-makers who have a serious interest in diversity issues. With their knowledge, commitment and experience they show different views and possibilities on this complex topic.

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