Talk with the Digital Ethics Expert Cornelia Diethelm

Published on 11.09.2020 | Translations available in: German

Are digital ethics being neglected in this time of crisis? In the Superwoman Talk, digital ethics expert Cornelia Diethelm talks to aizu founder Aileen Zumstein about the new momentum that Covid-19 is bringing to discussions on digital ethics and explains that transparent communication is important to ensuring that ethical concerns are addressed.

Contact tracing, data protection, security – Covid-19 has triggered many debates on open questions concerning digitalization. Are digital ethics being neglected in this time of crisis? In the Superwoman Talk on the digital channel F15' | by Forbes DACH with Aileen Zumstein, Cornelia Diethelm, expert on digital ethics, explains that in her eyes the opposite is true: Questions on digital ethics have been given a boost by the pandemic. The crisis leads us to become more aware of our values again and deal with them more intensively.

According to Cornelia, transparent communication is the key to ensuring that digital ethics are not neglected. Companies do a lot of good in dealing with data and privacy, but hardly ever communicate it. This is a mistake, she says, because companies can only create trust by speaking about these issues openly. It is also important that we as a society read and discuss a lot. As we are still at the first stage of digitalization, we first have to form an opinion about many things. For Cornelia herself, the Contact Tracing App is a positive example where everything has been done right and the creators have gone well beyond data protection standards. However, she is skeptical about the use of algorithms and video analysis tools in human resources – because: "Our success is definitely not written in our faces."

All questions in the video:

01:27 How would you describe digital ethics?

02:25 What are you doing in your consulting firm and in setting up the Centre for Digital Responsibility?

04:08 How and when did you discover the topic digital ethics for yourself?

06:02 Due to the Corona crisis, digitalization has received a real push in many areas. As an expert in digital ethics, how do you experience these developments?

07:50 Did digital ethics get a raw deal during the crisis?

08:48 What do we need to do now to ensure that ethical issues are not neglected?

10:43 Where do we miss out on the chances that digitalization brings us due to mistrust of the technological progress?

12:26 Are there perhaps also areas in which we are not skeptical enough?

14:26 What do you think distinguishes a digital leader? 16:07 In your experience, what are the biggest hurdles in dealing responsibly with Big Data, artificial intelligence and the like?

17:37 To what extent can digitalization help to promote diversity?

19:15 Are there also cases where it is an obstacle?

19:55 The digital world is constantly changing. Do you have a tip on how to keep track of these changes?

The interview itself is held in German.

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