The Communication House is established

Published on 15.05.2017 | Translations available in: German

The Communication House is established

At Aileen Zumstein Communication, we practice and encourage a mobile and agile way of working that extends beyond borders. Since of today, May 15, we also live this values in the newly established Communication House in Berne.

Bern has not only a favorable geographical location but also an interesting, more and more dynamic start-up scene. We are convinced that with our focus on positioning, leadership and change, we will be able to bring our strengths to the capital. We are looking forward to being a part of this project and to take advantage of synergies with our colleagues – from Zurich to Bern to Fribourg.

Five communications agencies establish the Communication House in Bern, Switzerland 

Communication specialists from Bern, Switzerland, take advantage of synergies and now offer their services along the axis of Zurich – Bern – Fribourg. They offer their common services with diverse special disciplines from media services to strategic communications consulting.

Beginning today, the Communication House is in Bern. Unlike other similar buildings, such as the “House of the Cantons”, it is organized as a private enterprise, but it also wants to make use of synergies. Five owner-led communications agencies have moved under one roof on Schwanengasse 11 in Bern and offer their services there. The location is in the heart of the city, three minutes on foot from the main railroad station.

The communications agencies involved are: Aileen Zumstein Communication GmbH (Marla Eva Moser), Border Crossing AG (Mark Balsiger), by the way studio GmbH (Stefan Herrmann and Michèle Hurst), viceversa GmbH (Markus Aerni), and Lorenz Wenger Communication. While the firms remain legally independent of one another, they will cooperate in the future. “In this way, we remain agile but can bring our office partners on board for interdisciplinary projects,” describes Stefan Herrmann the greater benefits for customers. Lorenz Wenger adds, “Our customers continue to have a contact person, but we have more horsepower, more knowledge, and a larger network.” Together, the communications specialists have more than 100 years of professional experience between them.

From Zurich to Fribourg

Four of the five firms offer media relations and strategic communication consulting. However, they have differing profiles: Aileen Zumstein Communication focusses on positioning, leadership, and change; Border Crossing emphasizes crisis communication; by the way studio is in content creation; viceversa works in integrated communication; and Lorenz Wenger supports people and brands with effective communication.

The agencies in the Communication House emphasize another advantage in their cooperation: their presence in Zurich and in French Switzerland. The corporate headquarters of Aileen Zumstein Communication are in Zurich, and those of by the way studio are in Fribourg. Thanks to this constellation, the partner agencies can work in these locations as well.

Bern, May 15, 2017

For questions:  

-Aileen Zumstein, +41 78 635 98 58

-Mark Balsiger, +41 79 696 97 02

-Stefan Herrmann, +41 79 643 61 23

-Markus Aerni, +41 79 307 51 59

-Lorenz Wenger, +41 78 669 93 14



  gruppenbild haus der kommunikation april2017 

Caption: Markus Aerni (viceversa GmbH), Lorenz Wenger (Lorenz Wenger Kommunikation), Marla Eva Moser (Aileen Zumstein Communication GmbH), Stefan Herrmann (by the way studio GmbH), Michèle Hurst (by the way Studio GmbH) and Mark Balsiger (Border Crossing AG) (v.l.n.r.) look forward to their cooperation in the Communication House. Photo: Thomas Hodel.

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A high resolution version of this picture is available for download at http://bit.ly/2pwAmDO.

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