Understanding programming

Published on 08.09.2017 | Translations available in: German

Understanding programming

Five days of programming and coding, anyone can do that. It's true. If you want to understand the digital world better and learn the basis of programming, Master21 Academy is the place for you.

By Aileen Zumstein

Code Summer and boot camp 

Five days of programming, from morning till evening - so the program. In the morning, there were short input references on a specific topic like the programming language Ruby or aspects of web design. The focus of the boot camp, called "Code Summer", was dominated by a «hands-on» mentality. Instead of long-threaded theory lessons, the participants were taught tutorials, which were implemented immediately after the course.

The system is actually very brilliant: When you type and click by yourself and look at the result afterwards, you learn much faster. However, it was not always easy. When it got difficult and I did not get any further, I could always turn to one of the coaches to discuss questions and look at the problem. Everyone learns differently. For this reason, I thought it was very helpful to get theoretical inputs, which I could then use at my own pace.

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Expectations were met

The basic tool of programming, HTML, I had taught myself years ago. Now I wanted to build on these basic skills. My expectations? To get an overview of the programming world and to understand when I can use which language, which tools help me, and how I can apply this knowledge when setting up a webpage.

I am aware that in five days you cannot suddenly become a programmer and compete with the tech freaks or the people who have studied computer science. But sometimes less is more. Knowing the basics of programming alone helps me better understand the digital world and the developers - and makes it easier for me to communicate with them on joint projects.

My expectations of the Master21Academy Code Summer 2017 were exceeded in this regard. And I am now well equipped for exciting IT projects.

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Components of the programming course

The five-day boot camp covers the following topics:

  • Basics of programming and programming languages: HTML, CSS und Ruby.
  • Ruby on Rails: is a framework with which database-based dynamic websites can be developed in a comparatively short time.
  • Bootstrap (Free CSS framework) and Foundation (free web framework of ZURB).
  • GitHub : Platform, where developers provide their software and development projects.
  • Work on your own project for 2 days: Create a web page (HTML, CSS) of a web application or solve problems with Ruby (Ruby on Rails)

I won several insights and learned a lot.

  • The difference between frontend and backend, as well as the involved languages
  • Anyone can learn programming
  • A simple landing page with pictures, tables and a beautiful design can be created after just a few days
  • There are many useful frameworks that simplify programming

My conclusion: Programming is fun!

It's like golfing. It takes time and practice, there are moments where nothing works and frustration takes over; you need concentration and sometimes a coach, who teaches you something or can show you a solution; in the end, it’s all about reaching a goal as efficiently as possible. And the most important thing: Do it, have fun and enjoy it!

We will use our insights and newly gained understanding from now on and can thus better accompany and support the interfaces between communication and IT. We can understand technical requirements for a digital platform and better classify and evaluate them as well. Ultimately, better and more efficient solutions for demand and customers can be created.



«Shape the digital world» is the vision of the Master21 Academy. Their vision makes it possible to learn digital skills that are relevant in today's world.

Master21 Academy is the right choice for anyone who wants to acquire hands-on coding and programming skills.

The initiator and founder of Master21 Academy, Melanie Kovacs, believes that in today’s society, digital skills are just as important as speaking English.

She talks more about Master21Academy in the AZC Dialogue, our vessel and the platform for people who make a difference. (Video in German)


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