aizu signals. with Carlo Loderer

Published on 28.11.2019 | Translations available in: German

Video in German

In this issue of "aizu signals." we meet Carlo Loderer, founder and CEO of Zippsafe. The innovative wardrobe system replaces the bulky metal locker with a space-saving and formable closing pocket. Carlo Loderer came up with the idea for Zippsafe while organising small festivals besides his studies. For the music events, the cloakroom situation had to be organised again and again for each festival and challenges such as shortage of space and staffing or theft had to be overcome. With a lot of perseverance, one or two night shifts and a loyal team, the young entrepreneur has achieved that Zippsafe is being used today by various companies such as retailers or hospitals. For Carlo, one thing is clear: Founding the company was the best career decision he has ever made. That's why he also wants to motivate other start-up entrepreneurs to implement their ideas. After all, with the necessary commitment, it is definitely worth it.

All questions in the video:

00:29: Which problem do you solve with Zippsafe?

01:14: How does the system work?

03:02: How did you come up with the idea of Zippsafe?

04:29: Can you recommend the start-up entrepreneurship to the next generation?

05:24: Which is the next big step for you?

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