Best of 2018

Published on 08.01.2019 | Translations available in: German

Best of 2018

Happy New Year! To start the year, we would like to give you a review of the topics that have moved us and you in the last few months. Therefore we present you in this article our five most popular blog posts from the year 2018, which remain current and relevant. In 2019 we will continue to follow interesting topics and publish exciting content about communication, leadership, entrepreneurship, technology, health & pharma and much more in our blog.

With the increasing digitalization and the use of artificial intelligence, the pace of communication, but also its range, is rising. This also affects the society of Switzerland. Not only is the environment changing, but also its players: generations Y and Z are entering the labour market. However, we need new working models to get them enthusiastic about companies and win them over.

In our five most read articles, we present you how we deal with these issues and changes:

1. Communication for Startups

It is not easy for startups in particular to establish themselves. To be honest, the very most of them are not what the world has been waiting for. Therefore, it is even more important that startups show the world what makes them unique as a company. When promoting a new idea in the market, simple, target group-oriented messages, relatable stories and strategically planned communication goals are key. Link

2. Golden Rules of Crisis Communication

Again and again, crises shake companies to their core and end careers of established personalities. Last year, we have seen number of controversial cases in Switzerland as well. With the right preventive measures and careful crisis communication, reputation and image can be preserved. Transparency, good preparation, fast reaction, immediate internal communication, consistent messages and good media relations are essential when dealing with a crisis. Link 

3. 7 Principles for a Digital Switzerland

According to Internet pioneer Taavi Kotka, there are seven fundamental principles for leading a society into the digital age. Switzerland also has some catching up to do in this respect. We need a general digital literacy that can be achieved, for example, through institutionalized learning of a programming language. It also requires clearly identifiable digital identities, the necessary infrastructure, an awareness of data protection and cyber security, up-to-date technology and a spirit of innovation in order to become a digital society. Link

4. How Employers Attract Millennials:

Millennials are arriving in the labor market. Flexible working hours, a clear feedback culture and leadership at eye level are required. Above all, a good work-life balance is important to this generation. They need the possibility to work at home or on the go. But be careful: Millennials also value individuality and therefore this cannot be generalised for everyone. Link

5. Writing Robots:

Man or machine? Artificial intelligence writes texts of such high quality that this question can no longer be answered. However, at the moment, robot texts are only used where large amounts of data are processed, and are therefore only used in big data journalism and on large Internet platforms. But again, caution is advised. Nothing replaces human nuances and cultural differences in communication and a personal relationship to an author. Link

We are looking forward to an exciting 2019 full of challenges, changes and new topics and wish you lots of pleasure, inspiration and interest by following our blog.

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