On our own behalf:

Published on 14.03.2019 | Translations available in: German

On our own behalf:

Aileen Zumstein Communication becomes aizu communication. Image and reputation matter.

"Life is like riding a bicylce, to keep in balance you must keep moving." - Albert Einstein.

This is one of our favourite quotes.

In the past few months, in addition to our commitment to our projects, we have worked intensively on our own positioning and on our brand. The new company name, the new logo and the new online appearance are the result of this process of development. Despite the transformation, one thing remains the same: image and reputation matter.

We let history speak

aizu means "signal" in Japanese. Our new name embodies what we strive for every day: to send and receive signals. We approach this in a purposeful way, referring to the origin – the core – of a company or a person. Only when we understand something down to its roots, we can build and maintain an authentic image and reputation. This is exactly what is decisive for our effective communication in the long term. The signal and its meaning is also reflected by the wave in the new logo and on our website. With the name, we also recall our roots and let history speak for itself. Aileen Zumstein was born in Japan and the initials of the founder remain with aizu. Since the company was founded seven years ago, the team has grown and is now at home not only in Zurich but also in the office in Bern – in the "Kommunikationshaus"

The name, the website and our e-mail address are new. Our commitment and the daily pleasure of launching projects with people, creating impact and growing together remain unchanged.

There is a lot to discover on the new website. We are looking forward to your feedback.

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