Talk with full-blooded entrepreneur Mimi Mollerus

Published on 12.06.2020 | Translations available in: German

This week, entrepreneur Mimi Mollerus, CEO of the Swiss luxury label Maison Mollerus, is a guest at Superwoman on F15'| by Forbes DACH. In conversation with aizu founder Aileen Zumstein, Mollerus talks about the private and professional consequences of the corona pandemic and explains what it means to run a family business.

At Superwoman this week, aizu founder Aileen Zumstein welcomes the full-blooded entrepreneur Mimi Mollerus as her guest. The trained industrial clerk studied International Business and Marketing in Spain and the USA. Today she is CEO of the family business Maison Mollerus - a Swiss luxury label for handbags, small leather goods and travel luggage, which was founded in the 1980s by her father Ernst Mollerus.

"I can work well on the company at home, but at the company I want to be at the company," explains Mollerus. As the CEO of a company that is not geared towards home offices, the corona pandemic has presented her with challenges. Moving her office from the business to her home, she says, involved a lot of "feeling our way forward" to find out what works best. In an interview with Aileen Zumstein, the entrepreneur also talks about how important it is for her to visibly stand behind her brand and reveals that she wishes her children would one day take over the family business.


01:33 The Corona Pandemic has an impact. How is your company doing?

03:17 But are you feeling a drop in sales?

03:49 When you look back on the last two months, what went really well and what went really badly?

05:16 What have you learned from the crisis?

06:39 You still belong among the companies that produce in Switzerland. Why did you decide on this expensive way?

08:23 What do you talk about with your father? Is it really only business?

09:53 As your parents' daughter, what qualities and values did you take with you as an entrepreneur?

11:39 Failures, successes, do you sometimes feel lonely as an entrepreneur, and who or what stands by you in such moments?

14:46 You can also be seen on the advertising campaigns, was that your decision? And are you the classic target group for Maison Mollerus?

16:50 Do you always carry your own bag?

17:29 Would you like the children to join the company? And what do you generally pass on to your children as a mother?

The interview itself is held in German.

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