Talk with PostFinance Executive Board Member Sandra Lienhart

Published on 05.08.2020 | Translations available in: German

As a member of the PostFinance Executive Board, Sandra Lienhart is responsible for the retail division with over 1000 employees. In conversation with aizu founder Aileen Zumstein on Superwoman, she reflects on her collaborative management style, shares her conviction that the experiences gained during the Corona crisis will lead to even more flexible working models and reveals that she sees the future in invisible banking.

Sandra Lienhart is responsible for the retail division at the financial services provider PostFinance – which includes more than 1,000 employees. Sandra herself describes her management style as collaborative, characterized by flat hierarchies and an environment in which everyone can and should have their own opinion. "In my opinion, it is a sign of strength if a manager surrounds themselves not just with yes-men, but with competent, opinionated and critical people. This promotes the entrepreneurial thinking and acting of each individual."

As a guest on Superwoman, a program of the digital channel F15' | of Forbes DACH, the "atypical" banker talks with entrepreneur Aileen Zumstein about the promotion of women and makes one thing clear: "It is in our DNA that women and men have equal chances and opportunities." For example, all management positions are advertised with a workload of 80-100 percent. Sandra also expects that the already established flexible working models will become even more flexible as a result of the experiences gained during the corona crisis. In the future, Sandra anticipates an increasing trend towards "invisible banking" – which means that banking transactions can be carried out without having to think about it.

All questions in the video:

01:15 Are you a full-blooded banker?

01:47 I have studied your resume a bit more closely. It’s really very stringent, a clear path in the financial industry. Is that a coincidence, was it planned or did you just take opportunity after opportunity?

02:52 What fascinates you about digital banking?

05:12 If you look at yourself, what is good leadership for you? Which leadership skills are you particularly proud of?

07:21 You are one of three women on the Executive Board at PostFinance. Looking back, what would you tell other people to help them get where they are right now? What does it take?

09:13 How important is the topic of diversity really for you? By that I mean, is there a strategy that you are following? What strategy is that and what measures are being implemented?

10:38 When you say you already offer a lot, also for example the percentage of women on the lower levels – can you say something about that?

11:41 One of PostFinance's clear goals is to become the number one digital bank. What talents are you looking for to help you achieve this goal?

13:54 If you dare to speculate, how will banking change in the future? In which direction will it go and above all what are you doing at PostFinance?

15:49 Are there people who have inspired you on your path so far? Are there role models in your life?

16:42 It's the middle of summer, many are on holiday. Have you already been on holiday or are you still going on a holiday and if so, where to?

The interview itself is held in German.

Superwoman is a programme of the new digital channel F15' | by ForbesDACH, on which discussions are held every Wednesday and Thursday at 11:00 a.m. with experienced entrepreneurs, managers, experts and with decision-makers who have a serious interest in diversity issues. With their knowledge, commitment and experience they show different views and possibilities on this complex topic.

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